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The Headshot Heroes Program 

Celebrating small business in our communities

The Headshot Heroes Program is a project that focuses on supporting small businesses. We partnered up with a non-profit organization Dynamic Group Services to provide media and marketing content for small businesses, local government, and organizations serving their communities. Our goal is to support the business community suffering from the effects of the pandemic and promote economic growth by providing multimedia services that benefit local businesses and stimulate tourism.

There are three different ways your business can support this project.

  • Purchase a Business Branding package at full price and you automatically donate to our 501c3 Partner Blue Hearts for Autism. #payitforward

  • Sponsor a Community Development or Disaster Relief project that helps people in need.

  • Donate gift cards or functional Company Swag (Cups, clothing, battery-powered fans, and other promotional Items with company logo) to areas needing items to aid in recovery efforts. 

All donations are tax-deductible per our 501c3 partner Blue Hearts for Autism. Company promotional items must be functional items such as (clothing, bags, cups, toys, battery-powered devices, etc)

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