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Shooting 4 the Stars

Inspiring Young Artist

We are inviting you to participate in supporting “Shooting 4 the Stars”- this program was created to help inspire young people to pursue creative services and use the skills that they learn in this program to develop their own style, channel emotions into their passion and giving them free expression to be themselves allowing them a voice that not only speaks through their work but also by their actions and renewed vision of the world as they see it. In this program young people learn photography, videography, creative makeup; hairstyling, graphics design and more.

Shooting 4 the Stars is an alternative arts program that integrates innovative therapy techniques with different forms of media outlets as well as vocational trades to create an artistic platform for at-risk youth that not only captivates their imagination but build life skills and feeds their creativity. Shooting 4 the Stars promotes creative thinking, team work, hard work, confidence, individualism, coping skills and personal
values through productive and creative channels. We developed this program in a way that young people can experience the dedication, skill, and integrity of these professions that produces everything they see on TV,
music, magazines, video games, movies, and events. Our goal is to reach out to young people to motivate and empower them to live their dreams and become future leaders to their community while inspiring other young people to pursue their passion and learn to become socially aware.

The Creators of Shooting 4 the Stars has experience in both the mental health field and child care which blends
with media and visual arts to form an innovative concept that connects with young people in a fun and creative
way while also teaching them techniques and skills that they otherwise would not get on their own.

Shooting 4 the Stars has developed a system in which industry professionals and college students that intern with the program majoring in these fields aid in teaching and guiding these youth through the programs curriculum.

These students not only get to practice what they learn in their studies in a professional setting they also give insight on university level information to the participants and learn themselves from guest speakers with a strong presence in the field that may in turn lead to job opportunities. Shooting 4 the Stars recognizes that by having the physical
presence of the college students being an active part in the program, sharing their knowledge, influence and
skills may inspire the young people participating in Shooting 4 the Stars to further their studies and attend
college themselves.

Shooting 4 the Stars operates as a Non-profit organization that receives funding assistance, resources or
products from our sponsors and supporters. Shooting 4 the Stars recognizes sponsors in all forms of advertising, promotional events, and charity events. We also link our website and social media outlets to our sponsors as well as provide custom made product and service reviews through targeted customer testimonies, video reviews,
popular bloggers and partnered publications. Any Monetary donations will aid the growth of the program and
assist in purchasing additional equipment such as photography/video cameras and equipment, products and materials for courses, computers, etc. any product/service donation or amount would be well received. To be able to give a voice and vision to these kids is our goal and with our experience and your help we will be the fuel on the road to success.

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